AutoGeria Limited is the foremost online auto brokerage company in Africa. We are the first Copart Market Makers and Registered Broker operating in Nigeria. Through our web portal and alliance with Copart LLC USA, we help you get cars at the cheapest possible rate you can find from US, UK, Dubai and Canada.

We are a notch above an ordinary Brokerage Company as we can assist with securing car titles and resolving issues that may arise after winning your vehicle. Coming from a background of automotive experience that has spanned over 20 years, we totally understand the personal attachments we develop with our cars right from search to acquisition so we go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are fully met.

In the words of Carlos Sabugueiro, "As CEO of Copart Middle East & Africa, I am delighted at the launch of Autogeria, Copart's first officially appointed Market Maker in Africa. We look forward to Autogeria serving the needs of buyers all over the African continent "

  • Over 50,000 cars on sale each day
  • Incredibly cheap deals from US, Canada, UK and Dubai
  • Full end to end service offering
  • No worries on how to get your car home!
  • Easy to register, easier to win.

Customers Say…

I got a 2007 Acura MDX Tech Package through Autogeria.

It is was a good experience. From date of purchase to delivery, I'll say just over 70 days. (Purchase, shipping and clearing).

I was scared at some point but at the end I got my car. I will do business with them in the future. I already advised a friend and colleague to do business with them and he seems quite keen.

Tony Bekederemo
Lagos, Nigeria

Autogeria makes it a seamless transaction; No need of bringing various companies together in getting a car to Nigeria. You will always be definite about what you are buying: the actual state of the vehicle, the correct mileage status and of course, buying at reduced priced.

Olajide Seimu
Warri, Delta state, Nigeria

It's been a good experience doing business with you.

Keep it up!

Michael Azunna
Lagos, Nigeria